Town of Salem


It's a classic Salem witch hunt


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If you've ever played a makeshift who dunnit afterschool or during recess, and you want to recreate that experience online without the need to cram 12 friends into your room, Town of Salem is just the ticket. Now you can enjoy this adventure with players from around the world via your Android.

If you've never played Town of Salem before, it'll have you hooked from the start. Its gameplay is tied into classic who dunnit skills. Here in Salem there are 15 inhabitants and one of them is a bloodthirsty assassin that could potentially kill each of you off one by one when night falls. Each of the characters has a specific role and will need to figure out a piece in this mysterious crime puzzle. Some will try to figure out the identity of the assassin, while others will pick up needed clues to direct the murder investigation. If you're the killer you'll need to give off fake clues to keep them off your track, and continue your killing spree. Otherwise, if you're just a simple farmer, it'll be up to you to survive.

Town of Salem has a chat within each room in the game where you can interact with other players and comment on the strategies being deployed at any given moment. On the other hand, each character in this city can count on their own menu bar where there are different actions available depending on their true intentions.

When nighttime comes to Salem, the majority of characters use their skills. If you're the killer, you'll have to murder someone. If you're a doctor, it'll be time to heal a patient. But if you're sheriff it'll be your turn to interrogate villagers. During the day, you'll all be able to discuss who you think the real killer is. With your cards on the table, whomever looks guiltiest will end up on trial, and during the afternoon whoever is suspect will have to build up a case in their own defense in order to save themselves from being hung. If the village declares them guilty, they'll be dead. But what happens if the killer keeps on murdering villagers?
By Erika Okumura
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